Prıvate Label

As Sudesan Cleaning Products and Packaging Industry, we produce in accordance with local and international regulations in our high-capacity production facilities designed in accordance with hygienic design requirements for our customers who request Private Label production.




Private label production service, product design and development, innovative formula development; It covers all processes, starting from activities such as packaging design support to delivering the products to the desired shipping point. Service content and scope are shaped according to customers' demands.




As Sudesan, we offer private label cleaning products and cosmetics production services to our customers. This process enables customers to offer high quality and reliable products under their own brands.

Details of our Private Label production process

Determining Customer Needs

Product Development and Formulation

Packaging Design and Production

Production and Filling

Quality Control and Tests

Logistics and Distribution

Customer Support and Feedback

As Sudesan, we offer special solutions to our customers with our private label production service and contribute to the success of their brands. In this process, quality, security and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.