Sudesan constantly makes innovations and progress with its many years of experience in R&D fields. The focus of these innovations is on elements such as improving product and quality standards, increasing production efficiency, reducing costs and integrating innovations in production processes.

All our products are produced in accordance with occupational health and safety rules, environmental standards and quality standards. We continue our work in line with our goal of constantly providing and developing quality products for our customers.


In our R&D laboratory, many formulation and product studies have been carried out to meet the demands of our domestic and foreign customers, and many of them have been successfully implemented. We work on various product formulations in the fields of detergent and cosmetics and carry out their performance tests.

Our pilot mixer facility in our R&D laboratory aims to prevent possible problems during the production phase by creating prototypes of products.

Our work is shaped in line with factors such as customer demands, domestic and foreign market research and world trends.

Physical tests are performed to evaluate the physical properties of products. These tests include color, odor, appearance, pH, viscosity, density and refractometer measurements. In addition, analyzes such as active substance analysis, salt analysis, chlorine/caustic/peroxide analyzes are also performed.

Following the formulation studies, stability tests are carried out. In these tests, it is evaluated whether the product deteriorates under different conditions. Every successful formulation is included in the R&D formulation archive.